Online Child Support Calculator Australia June 1, 2017


In Australia, a common first step to the Child support process, before seeing a Child Support Agency, is personally calculating your situation. This can be done through the following child support assessment formula, acting as a self-educating child support calculator. The assessment is calculated through the following steps.

1. Calculate your child support income

This is your taxable income minus the parenting self-support amount’ indexed annually. (Currently $23,752 for 2016).

2. Calculate the combined child support income

This is the total support income amount of both parents of the child

3. Calculate your income percentage.

This is the amount from question 1, as a percentage of the amount from question 2.

4. Calculate your care percentage

This amount is the percentage of the number of nights in a year that the child lives with each parent.

5. Calculate your cost percentage

Take the care percentage (from Question 4) and check which category it fits into (these are set out on the CSA’s website)

6. Calculate your child support percentage.

This is each parent’s income percentage (Question 3) minus their cost percentage (question 5).
Positive percentage = parent pays child support
Negative percentage = parent receives child support

7. Calculate the cost of your child.

Visit the CSA website to see use the table supplied which is updated every year. It considers your combined child support income and then takes the cost of each child as a percentage of that number.

8. Calculate the child support amount

Multiply the parent’s (payer) child support percentage (from Q6) by the cost of the child (q7). This amount is the annual amount owing to the other parent (payee) each year.


There are also very helpful online child support calculators that can automate this process.


To learn more about child support in Australia, please click visit our child support page.

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