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Always standing up for the little guy

At Shine Lawyers, we put you first. We’ve been standing up for the rights of everyday Australians for nearly 40 years. We know the legal system can be confronting. If you feel overwhelmed, we can help you get back in control.

The first step may be challenging, but we’re here to help. As one of Australia’s largest litigation law firms, we’re a hardworking, straight talking team of people who have the clout to take on the big guys. With our many local branches and dedicated client contact team, help is always close by, and through the entire process you’ll have open access to your team of experts – seven days a week. Our team have a commitment to Right Wrong through our three core values: Always stand up for the little guy, Ahead of the pack, and Dare to be different.

We aren’t afraid to take risks. Energised by the opportunity to make our clients’ lives better, we take on the impossible and achieve outstanding results. Together, we can right wrong.

We assist people in New South Wales with the following compensation claims:

WorkCover Lawyers
Australian Defence Force Assistance
Motorbike Accident Lawyers
DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Class Action
Disaster Insurance Recovery
Disability Insurance and Superannuation Claims
Environmental Claims
Abuse Law
Professional Negligence
Financial Advisor Negligence

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