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When confronted with a legal question, most people don’t know where to begin. It’s not easy to find the facts you need to make an informed legal decision and both personal and financial stakes can be high.

Many are often left wondering – “Where can I find the right local lawyer for me?”

To answer this question, a user friendly, result-driven lawyer directory was created, specifically for Sydney. Lawyersofsydney.com.au is the easiest way for the Sydney community to find a lawyer in time of need.

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Our Mission

Our Mission for the People of Sydney

To give the Sydney community a free, easy and efficient way to find a lawyer in time of need – anytime and anywhere.

Our Mission for Lawyers and Law Firms of Sydney

To provide local Sydney law firms and lawyers with a measurable and result-driven lawyer directory platform to advertise their business and services.

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No more settling for online advertising options with an unknown measurable return on investment!
With LawyersofSydney.com.au you can grow your client database and enjoy uncapped direct leads to your law firm, with zero commission and referral fees.

With our new 24/7 live analytics functionality, you can now also track how many people are interacting with your profile.

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