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Suite 302, Level 3, 46 Market St, SYDNEY, New South Wales, Australia 2000

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  • Address: Suite 302, Level 3, 46 Market St, SYDNEY, New South Wales, Australia 2000
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 Our Aim
We are a modern, unique and customer focused law firm and our primary aim is to achieve the best possible settlement for our clients, in the shortest amount of time whilst providing outstanding customer service.
Our founder, Matthew Garling, is a NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. Matthew has built a team focused on delivering outstanding results.
“Our aim is simple; to obtain the best possible settlement we can for our clients. We appreciate that our clients want to get their lives back on track, as soon as possible and that is exactly what we do. We support our clients through these major life decisions with outstanding levels of communication and customer service. We believe we are here to help.”
Our Difference
At Garling & Co, our primary aim is to provide outstanding service to our clients; we do this by utilising the most current technology and by ensuring our clients are fully informed of their rights throughout the claim. This is done with simple courtesy and manners, promptly responding to our clients needs. 
At Garling & Co, we take pride in providing affordable legal advice. We have available “no win no fee” costs agreements in certain matters and have developed a fair method of value billing (lump sum billing) to our clients rather than charging hourly rates for our work. 
We believe charging an hourly rate is in direct conflict with our client’s interests and needs. Our clients want their matter finalised as quickly and efficiently as possible for the right result. Charging an hourly gives no incentive for the lawyer to resolve the claim quickly, just the opposite in fact, the lawyer wants the claim to go for as long as possible and be as complex as possible so they are paid more. The outcome for the client is not aligned with the lawyers interests. We believe this is unacceptable yet it is the normal method for charging legal costs. 
We have developed our legal costs system so as to align both our and our client’s interests, so we are both working towards the same goal which is the best possible outcome as quickly as we reasonably can resolve the claim. 
For your FREE no obligation appointment call us on 1300 851 201, or email us on Alternatively, you can visit our website for more information.

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