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Detailed Information

For a long period of time Chris Peacock worked as a freelance scriptwriter until, with the vagaries of the film and television industry and becoming a single parent over 20 years ago, he dusted off his Legal Practising Certificate and resumed work as a lawyer.

While still maintaining contact with the film and television industry, Chris’s energies are now consumed working as a full-time solicitor. Although over the years Chris practised in many areas of the law, his main concentration these days is in Conveyancing and regular Local Court Criminal work.

Chris enjoys ocean swimming races and retains an active interest in the arts.

Chris is a great believer in “second chances” and regularly obtains them for his Local Court clients.

He has lived in the Balmain and Rozelle for many years. Now he commutes from Crows Nest.

Working alongside Carole his para legal for well over 15 years years has resulted in them bringing to conclusion seamlessly and with courtesy hundred upon hundreds of conveyancing and estate matters. Just ask any of his clients.

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