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Principal Solicitor

Angelo R. D’Angelo

Angelo has extensive experience as a solicitor in both the Public and Private Sectors. He was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, and the High Court of Australia in 1985. Angelo is also a Notary Public.


Experience and Areas of Practice

In the Public Sector

As a solicitor for the State Rail Authority of New South Wales (City Rail), which also had carriage of the legal responsibilities of Sydney Buses and Ferries, Angelo practiced in the areas of Worker’s Compensation, Public Liability / Common Law in all jurisdictions of the Courts and Commercial Law, in particular:

  • Employee injuries safe system of work
  • Unsafe premises where members of the public involved
  • Negligence and unsafe driving practices
  • Dust diseases
  • Commercial and Retail leases for State Rail Properties


In the Private Sector

Before setting up his own practice on 1 July 1996 Angelo was employed as solicitor by a number of firms. He was made partner in the last firm, a position he held for 4 years, before commencing as a sole practitioner. He predominately practices in the following areas of Law:-

  • Leases – retail and commercial leses for shopping centres, franchises and other businesses, and court proceedings arising from lease and/ or commercial disputes.
  • Conveyancing – including sale and purchase of properties. Call options for property develpers and court proceedings arising from contract disputes
  • Business – Purchase and /or sale of a Business including transfer of leases, Licences and sale or purchase of a franchise business
  • Security documents – Advice on and preparation of loan documents including Deeds, Mortgages, Caveats, and documents prepared by Financial institutions. Advice on documents relating to commercial loans, business purchases and franchises
  • Wills – preparation of wills
  • Probate – transfer of assets from deceased estates in accordance with the will and/ or in accordance with lineal relatives’ claims
  • Debt recovery – the commencement of and defending Court Proceedings for monies owed in all Courts including claims for property damage to land and/or motor vehicles
  • Construction Law – Commencing and or defending proceedings in the technical areas of Construction Law



  • Diploma in Law (SAB) University of Sydney
  • Solicitor, Supreme Court of New South Wales
  • Solicitor, High Court of Australia
  • Solicitor, Federal Court of Australia
  • Notary Public

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