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Detailed Information

We pride ourselves on being a truly different law firm. We do not attempt to emulate the large firms. We strive to be different. These differences include our continued commitment to:

Efficiently resolve our client’s legal and business issues.
Serve our client’s objective.
Work as a team with our clients and within our firm.
Who we are
A. B. Mezzanotte Lawyers is a law firm dedicated to the needs and goals of our clients.

One trait that sets us apart is our desire to communicate efficiently and timely with our clients.

We communicate with our clients. With full access to e-mail, faxes, mobile phone and standard telephone lines, we are able to communicate with our clients in whatever manner is most convenient for them.

These multiple methods of communication are utilised both inside and outside the office. As a result, we communicate efficiently with our clients even when we are not in the office.

We make every effort to accommodate our clients’ needs and to provide timely, expert legal services.

In short, we are Lawyers who respect our clients and whose foremost goal is servicing clients in a timely, effcient manner, while providing excellence in legal services.

We only accept instructions in the following areas of the law:

Commercial/Corporate litigation
Conveyancing – buying/selling/leasing of properties/business
Family Law
Criminal Law
By only accepting instructions in the above areas of law our firm is able to focus on specialising in those areas of law only. This benefit is passed on to our clients.

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