Questions To Ask An Immigration Lawyer May 26, 2019

Living or working in another country can improve the quality of your life. It can provide careers and other opportunities that aren’t present in your current location. However, before you can enjoy the benefits of immigration, you need to see an immigration lawyer first. Their experience and skills will make it easier for you to go to another country without wasting any resources. They can also help with the paperwork and other requirements so you won’t face any legal responsibilities when immigrating.

You can easily find an immigration lawyer Sydney and other parts of the globe. Even if you’re currently living in a quiet town or busy city, you’ll surely find several immigration lawyers nearby. To help you narrow down your search and end up hiring the best immigration lawyer for your needs and budget, make sure to ask the following questions:

1. Are you a member of the state bar?

You’re planning to work with an immigration lawyer because no amount of research can measure their knowledge, skills, and experience. Even if you watched countless documentaries on immigration laws, you could never know what these immigration lawyers already know. To check the qualifications of an immigration lawyer, always ask if they are a member of the state bar. Ask for the necessary documents that can become proof for the lawyer’s claims as well.

An immigration lawyer who is a member of the state bar is someone who has passed a state bar exam and currently has good standing in the bar association of your country or area. Several online resources can also help you determine the names of licensed immigration lawyers.

2. How long have you been practicing law?

Experience is indeed the best teacher, and the same is still true when it comes to immigration lawyers. If you want to hire someone who is worth every dollar, make sure that they are actually experienced for the job and the kind of problem you’re needing help with. They should be knowledgeable with the laws practiced in different countries, specifically in the country you’re going to or from. Filing the necessary documents might not require too much experience from the immigration lawyer but stopping deportation certainly does.

3. What is your strategy for my case?

Once you’ve checked that an immigration lawyer is suitable to handle your case, inform them about the details of your situation by providing as many details as you can in order to paint a clear picture. After giving all of the facts of your case, ask what possible strategies the lawyer will make and how long will you be able to see results. The answers to these questions will give you a better idea whether or not the immigration lawyer you’re talking to can meet your expectations.

4. Who else is going to handle my case?

Large law firms will usually assign more than one person to handle a client’s case. This is especially true if your case involves different areas of the law. For you to know who you’re working with, always ask about the people who will handle your case. If you’re impressed with the credentials of the immigration lawyer you’re talking to, ask if you can expect the same qualifications from the other paralegals who will work with your case. Are they trained and skilled to handle your case? Who will you contact whenever you have questions? As a client, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask who are involved in the case.

5. What is the estimated cost?

Regardless of how simple your case is, expect that you will still have to spend a certain amount of money when you hire immigration lawyers. If you want to be financially prepared when hiring their professional services, always ask for the estimated cost. If possible, request estimates from different immigration lawyers so you can determine which one is suitable for your budget. While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask about the breakdown of the costs and if there are any factors that could affect these costs.

You should also inquire about the payment method required by the immigration lawyer. Do you need to pay the entire amount at the start of the contract? Or do they require down payment only? The more information you know about the costs, the easier it is for you to budget.

Be Careful When Choosing

Hiring an immigration lawyer can be cost-effective because their services can make the immigration process stress-free. However, with the number of immigration lawyers who are offering their services today, it’s important that you take time in choosing. You want to hire someone who will actually help you throughout the entire immigration process, not make your life tough as an immigrant.

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