Key Tips On Boosting Lead Generation For A Personal Injury Lawyer April 25, 2019


Finding clients for personal injury lawyers have been difficult since nobody wants to be asked if they wish to avail of the services of a personal injury lawyer as it gives a negative connotation. But thanks to the internet, it’s now easier to generate leads or clients for them.

If you’re working with lead generation, read on for some tips on how to boost leads if you’re a personal injury lawyer:

1. Strengthen your website

Digital marketing has changed and improved the way you can reach people, and the way they can reach out to you. Since almost everyone has access to the internet, it’s effortless to look for something. So it’s essential to build an excellent website. It will be your representation in the digital world, so you have to work with a good web designer or developer to create a detailed website. Here are the things your website should include:

– Personal information, educational background, professional affiliations, credentials
– Contact information
– Services

Be sure to make your website impressive, as this will give your prospective clients a good impression and will establish your credibility.  Most lead generation companies consider a good website the key to generate positive leads.

2. Improve your website’s SEO

It’s not enough to create an excellent website. You also need to improve on your search engine optimization or SEO so people can see your site easily when they search for a personal injury lawyer. It’s vital that the website stays on top of the search list among other competitors to have a higher opportunity of acquiring more leads.

Successful lead generation is tightly linked to good SEO. To get more leads, here are some things you need to improve in terms of your SEO:

– Use the right set of keywords
As much as possible, you have to ask your lead generation specialist to utilize all the possible words that people might use when searching for a personal injury lawyer. There are a lot of keyword generators online, and  keywords that your competitors use can also be incorporated in your site as well. This will make the website appear alongside other websites of personal injury lawyers. You can also utilize location-specific keywords so that the site will rank well within your area. Make sure that it is closely related to your branding. For example, plumber contractor should have keywords related to pipes, fixtures, contractors, water supply, sewage system, etc.


– Keep the website updated and secure
To keep your website on top of the search list, you have to make sure that it is a secure site, where your domain is in HTTPS instead of HTTP. Moreover, you have to keep it updated and active by regularly posting updates or new information. Ask your specialist to periodically add blog posts and articles related to personal injury and your law firm. Websites that are kept fresh tend to rank higher, which increases your chances of getting more leads.

– Keep the website mobile-friendly and fast-loading
Another significant factor to boost your site’s SEO is to create a mobile-friendly version. Since most internet users are using their phones to search online, sites with mobile versions get more advantage than those who don’t. Also, the loading speed can also affect your ranking in the search list. Visitors don’t like slow loading pages, and they tend to click the return button. Make sure to keep your site loading fast so people will spend more time looking at your site.

3. Encourage reviews and recommendations

Another sure-fire way of boosting your lead generation is through reviews and recommendations. People will most likely choose a personal injury lawyer that gets positive reviews and most recommendations online. Potential clients are highly influenced by the opinions of other users and previous clients, so make sure to highlight positive reviews. Inform your specialist to have your website registered in other review sites and law industry directories where people who availed of your services can drop comments.

4. Use content marketing

Content marketing like blogs, vlogs, and email marketing is also an effective way of getting more leads. Since people will be well-informed if the website contains articles like the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer or how much will it cost. Including some content writing can also increase leads as this will establish the site and your credibility.

5. Use paid search ads

Website accounts are most likely to be more visible if they can be seen in paid search ads. Some money is involved in this strategy, but more positive leads are acquired using ads. Make sure to use the right keywords most people are likely to use so that your paid search ads will be more effective. Consider if this is in your budget and if you’re willing to shell out money for advertising and lead generation.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of ways you can do to boost lead generation. In general, you have to work well around the website, increase its SEO, and make sure that it will show on top of the search ranking when people are looking for a personal injury lawyer.


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