Hernia Mesh Lawsuit – What you need to know before filing

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Complications are everywhere and sometimes hernia gets complications, too. For decades, hernia has been cured using the mesh but from the past several years, some cons caught the scene. Failure rate grew a bit but continuous studies and researches helped minimize the rate. This article will guide you about some facts behind Hernia Mesh failure, avoidance and when to file a lawsuit?

#1. Reasons Behind Hernia Mesh FAILURE:

Before filing a lawsuit against hernia mesh failure, learn about the common reasons behind:

Defective design and poor usage of materials could be the reason for the failure increment.

Low-quality devices or the defective ones are prone to breakage, migration, and erosion which may cause even serious damage to organs. The mesh used can affect the foreign body as the material used is rejected by the body. This can create intense pain.

Sometimes the mesh is not properly secured, it can drift from its original location and migrate to other parts of the body. This migration gives rise to different sets of problems and symptoms depending upon where the distracted mesh stopped. Sometimes it is near to stomach, bladder or liver. In Mesh migration; bleeding, bloody urine or fistula formation may occur.This is due to the lack of a surgeon’s experience.
Infection is another sign of failure for hernia mesh surgery. About 1 to 8% of patients face infection. Body is vulnerable to infection due to the following reasons:
– Poor health
– lifestyle choices (e.g., smoking, drinking)
or anything else that weakens the immune system. Pain, Tenderness, swelling, redness around the incision area are the signs of infection.
After hernia mesh surgery, Adhesions may occur. The incision causes organs to collapse or grow to make them not function properly. This complication may occur after a month/year or more; adhesions are not instantaneous.

Mesh Rejection is another issue in this regard. In some cases, the body doesn’t allow the external object to be placed and so the rejection occurs. The system considers the mesh as a dangerous invader and so the attack takes place to both implant and surrounding cells.

#2. Symptoms & Complications from Hernia Mesh Failure:

More and more complications are coming into account and an infected hernia mesh can have devastating situations that can’t be handled with just an antibiotic.
In order to find out whether the hernia mesh succeeded or failed, we need to seek help from some specialist.
Dr. Claudio Buttice has shared some symptoms on how to tell if the hernia mesh worked fine or not?
Nausea and/or Vomiting: If you start feeling like throwing out, an upset stomach; you need to consider the foods and the antibiotics taking.
If the food/antibiotics have no effect on the stomach, consult your physician for sure.
The incision place is behaving irregularly: The area where a cut is made surgically can give you an idea about the treatment. If you find the area hot, reddened, sore or inflamed, there may be chances of something going wrong.

Lump or bulging formed:
If the treatment goes wrong, a lump or bulge is formed in the same area or close to where you had the original hernia.

Flu attack:
If the treatment goes wrong, flu-like symptoms such as chills and fever would appear.

Intense abdominal pain:
Abdominal pain is also known as tummy or stomach pain which can grow towards pancreas, liver and other reproductive organs. Hernia mesh failure becomes vivid if abdominal pain occurs.

Surgical wound not healing:
Another symptom is the area where the surgery took place doesn’t heal properly. This gives a proper sign that the surgery didn’t go well.

Infected Teeth: Hernia mesh failure infects and weakens the teeth.

Chronic fatigue: Have an idea about Chronic fatigue?
“Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating disorder characterized by extreme fatigue or tiredness that doesn’t go away with rest and can’t be explained by an underlying medical condition”
If the fatigue is affecting your daily routine, wait for a while and observe if it slows down. If not, signs are explicit.

Inability to pass stool or having difficulty in excretion?
We call it constipation in scientific terms, take more juices in this case and consult your doctor.

Blood in Urine:
Infection and the mesh rejection makes blood overflow to bladder causing blood in urine.

Mesh displaces (the instantaneous pain occurs):
In some cases, Mesh displaces from its original place and causes damage to other healthy organs. Severe pain is felt which leads to hernia mesh failure.

#3. When filing a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit:

With proper knowledge of the reasons behind the failure, steps must be taken to ensure a successful surgery. If failed, measure the failure rate through symptoms appearing. Make use of some precautionary measures and if the complication keeps growing file a hernia mesh lawsuit.

Bottom Line

The fact is that no surgery is risk-free. The chances of infection or failure in a surgery where an outside object i.e., the mesh is injected are higher than usual. Pain in stomach, liver or in functioning organs, tiredness, bleeding, fatigue, fever, high temperature near the incision area, constipation or flu attack are the most common symptoms to know if the hernia mesh failed. In order to minimize the hernia mesh failure, use of best quality mesh, proper diet plan, an experienced hernia surgeon, minimizing the activities that require consistent movement of organs is needed. If all measures are taken failed, you surely need to file a case in the court.

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