10 Tips on Marketing Your Law Firm

Lawyersofsydney.com.au June 27, 2017

Law Firm Marketing – 10 Tips on Marketing & Advertising Your Law Firm


According to Dan Toombs, founder of Grow Your Firm, each month in six Australian cities, 65,120 people conduct Google searches for local law firm’s legal services. That’s good news because it means you have a large audience with a wide range of different needs. No matter what kind of law you practice, there’s a lot of fish in the sea.

Marketing has become a necessity in practicing law to stand out from the competition. You may have considered hiring someone to help market your firm, or you might considered developing some marketing skills of your own. There are countless marketing agencies that come up with a myriad of strategies and tactics to make your law firm stand out to potential clients.

The first step you must take is identifying your clientele: Who is your current audience? What clientele do you want to reach? How do you reach them?


1. Evaluate Your Clientele, Are you Speaking the Right Language?


This is step one because it must be done before any effective action can be taken. Here it is important to understand the current status of your firm. Put yourself in a potential client’s shoes; ask yourself what your firm looks like from their side. Depending on your revenue, and experience, you might consider being more selective with the type of clients and cases in which you have had success. At this point networking and financial management would be the most effective. If your focus is income, you may want to cast a wide net at first. Every situation calls for a different approach with different solutions, find yours.


2. Build Your Online Presence


This step is particularly critical to those firms in the beginning or developing stages of growth. As shown in the numbers mentioned previously, a large part of potential clients are looking for law firms online. In the beginning stages of a firm, you set the foundation for future success. While it would be ideal to have a consistent flow of cases in your area of practice, law firms looking to expand their clientele must maximize online marketing to bring in new cases. Your website, educational material, and accessibility online must set the tone for the client’s expectations, and their desire to do business with you.


3. Develop Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not as scientific or mathematical as some might think. To help your website get more traffic, there are several, simple things you can do for a quick boost of SEO. While it would be nice to just pay someone to boost your SEO, unfortunately, this is not how it works. The truth is, search engines have certain guidelines for their site ranks, and that information is not public.

Hiring a professional could be useful, however, there are some things you should consider before doing so. The first step is to build a list of 15-20 words most commonly associated with your practice. Take that list and be sure that each word is used and emphasized in all of your web content. Also, try to create different pages within your website for different groups of content or information. This is called building a “site map” and will generate more possible search engine results. Start with these simple steps and monitor for results.

Keep in mind this is not a problem that can be solved with money.


4. Make it Easy to Say Yes


This is a corner stone in digital marketing. It has less to do with your abilities and education and more to do with your ability to understand the client’s mindset. The first step here is to make your firm easily accessible. Clients with questions should be highly encouraged to contact you, make that easy for them to do. When it comes to web content, some practices are more complex than others, and it is always important to know all the client’s details before planning a course of action.

Simplifying and condensing your services may give potential clients a better understanding of your services. The more educated the client feels the easier it is for them to make a decision. This becomes more effective in step 6, “Show them the Light”


5. Nobody Hires the Lawyer on the Bus Bench Ad


When starting a firm, it is important to understand that your character and personality are not what builds positive marketing results. Your goal is to build your firm, bring in partners and generate revenue. If you are in this for the long haul, your firm’s name, track record and marketing strategies will be the only things considered by potential clients. Those are the most visible factors which clients have to judge your firm.


6. Show Them the Light


This step combined with step 5 will maximize your online marketing efforts. So by now you have built a comprehensive website, generated some SEO and provided educational materials to make clients feel better about their decision. You have made every effort to get the potential client to your website and educate them. Now is the “selling point” and it is where you “show them the light” by condensing their next steps into easy, small and digestible pieces of communication.

Here it is vital to let the client know that you are experienced, capable and eager to help. Soothing a client’s uncertainty will almost guarantee you get their business.


7. Create Procedures, Policies and Systems to Develop Long-Term Success


This step should be addressed after you have established your website and client base. Now it is time to fine-tune your web content, contact resources, and client expectations. By now you should be creating systems that reinforce your vision for client services and instilling those concepts into partners and clientele. You should dedicate attention to managing client’s expectations and perfecting consistent service.


8. Never Underestimate Networking


This tip is especially useful when modern advertising fails. It is important to have built a solid network of friends, clients and relationships to keep business coming in the door. Those who pay special attention to this tip can sometimes use it as a supplement for modern online marketing. Not only can it drive business, it can enhance your ability to provide genuine, professional client service.


9. Consider Social Media and Online Channels


Law firms seem to be on the fence about this tip. Social media can seem unfitting for law firms who traditionally attract clients with other forms of online advertising. As mentioned earlier, your presence online is a factor when setting client’s expectations and you want to set the right one. This tip may not be useful for more established firms, but social media offers firms the ability to speak more directly to their desired audience.

For firms still building their clientele, consider using simple methods like purchasing Facebook or Google ads to target your ideal client base.

There are various online directories for law firms to advertise their services. Have a look through Google to see appropriate local directories to advertise your law firm / legal services on.


10. Find Some Help


Marketing is not for everyone, and depending on how much time or money you want to invest in marketing, it requires serious education and experience. If you followed step 1, then you should understand the current marketing threats and opportunities facing your firm. With that information, decide how vital marketing is to your firm. From there consider finding some help ranging from a part-time intern to a full time marketing specialist.

Today, marketing professionals are trained in a wide range of skills with many advantages to offer a law firm. If you have decided marketing is a necessity for your firm, look into the different kinds of marketing specialists to find the best fit that addresses your marketing needs.

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