Understanding What You Are Entitled On Injury Claims

Lawyersofsydney.com.au May 7, 2019

A serious injury can really shake up your personal life, including your bank account. A reduced ability to work will translate into lost wages that can easily precipitate into financial ruin. Filing a claim on your injury so you are compensated and allowed to live your life normally can alleviate a boatload of stress.

Nobody is particularly keen to pay out claims, making it important to know exactly what ammunition you have to make for a compelling case. Understand the intricacies of your case to capitalize on occasionally loosely defined legal terms. A quality lawyer is always recommended for cases like this, they can steer you in the right direction and help translate all of the legal jargon. But, here are some things to consider when going through the motions:

You choose when to settle

Often insurance companies will prefer settling with anyone who’s willing to go through a lawsuit so they don’t have to spend money and lawyer resources defending their argument. Many people don’t clue in to the fact that you’re completely entitled to reject any settlement offer, it isn’t compulsory. The Katy injury lawyers recommend talking to your attorney to see just how much wiggle room you have in further negotiations. If the settlement isn’t exactly up to snuff, you can refuse it and try to settle for more, just know if that’s your plan you should also be confident in your case should they decide your preferred settlement amount is unreasonable.

No claim too small

Technically, there’s no minimum amount of damages to file a personal injury claim. These claims can cover medical expenses and other damages, no matter how serious the injury. Obviously, it isn’t prudent to sue for damages over a broken fingernail, but just know that if you feel wronged and want justice for any particular injury claim you don’t have to hit a certain threshold first.

Understand the types of damages

Primarily, there are two forms of damages. General damages are more based on abstract concepts like pain and suffering as opposed to clear economic damages, which are called special damages. General damages cover items that primarily affect the quality of life and are hard to quantify like disfigurement, or if a change to the body that occurred as a complication of medical procedures has significantly impaired quality of life. Your special damages are all most likely things you’ll have receipts for like medical treatment, damage to personal property, and lost wages.

Know that you aren’t stuck out in the cold should any tragedy befall you. There are many consumer laws put in place to protect individuals from negligent businesses and a handful between private citizens. By law, whenever wronged sufficiently to the point where your life was noticeably changed you have the full right to claim adequate damages. That alone should motivate anyone thinking about filing a suit into doing their homework so they can come to court prepared. An experienced attorney and the proper due diligence make all the difference when it comes to getting the reimbursement you deserve.

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