Popular TV Stars Who Portrayed Personal Injury Lawyers

Lawyersofsydney.com.au March 19, 2019

Several movies in the film industry feature attorneys and the drama that happens in the courtrooms. Some of the biggest films in Hollywood, including “Anatomy of Murder,” “12 Angry Men,” and “Philadelphia” use the culmination in courtrooms as a backdrop to the happenings in the movies.

There are great personal injury attorneys who have graced the big screens and made a name for themselves for the prowess they show before the court of law. Here is a list of popular TV stars who began as personal injury lawyers:


In this 1980s classic show, Arnie Becker demonstrates his prowess as a lead divorce lawyer and partner to McKenzie, Kuzak, Brackman, and Chaney. He was a perfect divorce attorney, but the only let down was his shaky love life.


The Night Court was a toss-up, especially if you’re a big fan of public defender Dan Fielding. John Larroquette portrayed Fielding in a sharp way that drove the show to a whole new height. He ranks as the top attorney who executes difficult cases with a touch of humor.


Annalise Keating doubles up a teacher of the law in the show “How to Get Away with Murder,” making her rank on top of the list. Her professionalism and expertise in family law is astonishing. Whichever case you have, such a great personal injury attorney will cover your back and ensure you get the best possible compensation. Like many other attorneys on this list, her personal life sometimes affects her professional practice, but she always finds a way through the troubles. Keating serves as a standard that all attorneys are striving for.


Perry Mason is among the most respected attorneys to ever grace the TV screens. Every small-screen attorney wishes to be Mason even with over five decades rolling down since the first series went off air. He remains the standard for many TV courtroom dramas.


If you’re a fan of investigative TV series, you’ll agree that “Boston Legal” is among the shows that never got its full due. With five seasons featuring over 100 episodes, it had all the potential to qualify for syndicate rights. With such a massive star power featuring Candice Bergen, William Shatner, and James Spader, Boston Legal should have received a wider viewership than it did. Denny Crane showcases his legal expertise when executing various cases in and out of the courtroom.

Movies and TV series are known to imitate real life situations. Mostly, what we watch in movies and TV series is a true reflection of what people have experienced in real life. This holds true on numerous fronts, including personal injury lawsuits featured in movies and TV shows. If you’ve been keen enough, you’ll probably recall a movie in which a chanter’s personal injury case mirrored a legal situation that happened in real life.

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