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Sydney Bankruptcy Lawyers
– Can I charge my debtor the collection costs?
– Can I recover legal costs if I sue someone?
– Can I submit a paper bankruptcy notice?
– How do I calculate the interest?
– Can I request a bankruptcy notice for an overseas debt?
– How much does it cost to liquidate a company?
– Does liquidating a company affect my credit line?
– What do I have to do from here to get a liquidation happening?
– When should I outsource a debt to a debt collection agency?
– What payment options do I have?

Sydney Building and Construction Lawyers
– Adjudication Applications under the Security of Payment laws
– Enforcing statutory rights to payment of Payment Claims
– Breach of Contract claims
– Defective workmanship and breach of statutory warranties
– Delay and liquidated damages claims
– Disputes in relation to Residential Building Contracts, and
– Recovery of unpaid Progress Claims and Retention Sums.
– Construction Contracts
– Obtain security for payment of Progress Claims
– Avoid or reduce costs associated with disputes in connection with ambiguous or oral agreements
– Recover legal costs associated with enforcement action, and
– Enable your business to more easily serve valid Payment Claims under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act.

Sydney Compensation Lawyers
– What is a common law claim?
– What happens when an injured worker elects to make a common law claim?
– What is needed to succeed with a claim in negligence?
– What kinds of damages can be claimed?
– What is the cost of a common law action?
– How much compensation payout will I receive for my Personal Injury Claim?
– What legal costs will I be charged for my personal injury claim?
– Is my compensation or damages payment taxable?

Sydney Criminal Lawyers
– What are my obligations if I am arrested?
– Who can gain access to my criminal record?
– Can Police search me or my house?
– What happens if police ask to interview me?
– I have been caught driving whilst disqualified, what do I do?
– What happens if I breach a restraining order?

Sydney Cyberlaw and Internet Lawyers
– Is the content on my website automatically copyrighted?
– Should I register my trademark at the federal level, or is state registration sufficient?
– How do I know if I have a trademark infringement case?
– How do I know if my organization’s confidential information is a trade secret?
– If someone is using my trademarked name in their domain, what is the best way to make them stop?
– If the parties of an online contract are in different states, by which state law is the contract governed?
– Does my website really need a terms of service (TOS) agreement and privacy policy?
– Is online defamation governed by federal or state law?
– If the private data of my customers are stored by a third party and get hacked, who is liable?

Sydney Employment Lawyers
– What is an employment contract?
– What is a breach of employment contract?
– What is a reasonable notice?
– How are rights in the workplace enforced?
– What remedies are available for unfair dismissal proceedings?
– What is a redundancy?
– What is workplace discrimination?
– What is workplace bullying?
– What is unfair dismissal?

Sydney Family Lawyers
– Do I have to tell the courts about family violence?
– How do I get a divorce
– How much is child support?
– What happens to child/ren after separation?
– What is a de facto relationship?
– Can I apply to the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court to have my de facto financial dispute determined?
– How does a court decide how to divide assets and debts?

Sydney Wills and Estates Lawyers
– Can I make my own Will?
– How do I make sure my wishes are carried out?
– What happens if I die without a Will?
– What happens if the will doesn’t appoint an Executor?
– What is the position if there are two executors and they don’t agree to work together to obtain a Grant of Probate?
– When should Probate be applied for?
– I have been appointed executor what should I do?
– Who may contest the Will?
– What is a Trustee and what are their responsibilities?
– How do I setup a child disability trust?

Sydney Legal Aid Lawyers
– Do legal aid lawyers have to take a case?
– Is legal aid really free? Don’t you have to pay something?
– How do I get legal representation if I can’t afford a lawyer?
– How do I qualify for legal aid?
– How do I get a grant?
– Can I appeal a decision?
– Am I eligible for legal aid if I am working?
– How does my lawyer get paid?
– Who can help if I am not eligible for a grant?
– My ex-partner has got legal aid, can I still get a grant?

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