5 Tips in Finding a Car Accident Lawyer Near Me

Lawyersofsydney.com.au January 25, 2019

Being involved in a car accident is traumatic. Seeking medical treatment, paying bills, and filing for insurance claims add up to the stress. When you incur injuries from the crash, it’s best to seek an auto accident lawyer near you. A lawyer will help you get the right amount of claim while you comfortably recover from your injuries.

However, you need to find the right auto accident attorney to help you. Here are some tips to find a car accident lawyer near you:

1. Use Google

The easiest and fastest way for you to find a lawyer near you is to use Google or your search engine. Just typing keywords such as “auto accident lawyers” and hitting the enter button will give you many lists of law firms online.

Because Google has its own way of ranking websites on their search engine, the first websites appearing may not mean that they’re the best. They may rank high in search engines due to their website’s speed and content, but their service is not a basis for Google’s ranking. Therefore, do not immediately hire the service of the first lawyers or law firms that you see. It is best to examine each site carefully first. Read the succeeding tip on how to do this.

2. Review Websites

After googling and listing the websites of law firms or lawyers, it’s time to visit their own website. Doing this will be tedious, but it will give you a brief insight on what they offer and their fees, as well. This will help you choose a good lawyer.

Here are other things you can find in an attorney’s website:
General information or blog articles regarding auto accidents. Their blogs will offer a lot of information related to your case.
Most websites provide information on lawyers working under them, such as educational background and work history.
Aside from educational information, some sites also include their lawyers’ social media accounts. Checking their profiles will help you gauge how the attorney presents himself to the public.

3. Contact Local Bar Associations

State bar associations have a free referral service that will help you find a lawyer that can handle your case. They also have a public record about disciplinary actions and complaints against licensed lawyers in the state; you may want to avoid lawyers with such record. Depending on your state, you can find a local bar association’s site when you go to the American Bar Association’s page. Select your state, and it will give you a list.

Moreover, their referral services work by referring you to preselected lawyers approved by the local state bar association. Use this to find lawyers that are working and licensed in your state.

4. Review Online Listings of Lawyers

Many websites are on the lookout for firms by reviewing it. Some are focused in helping car accident victims find attorneys that match their financial capacity. Others are cross-referencing reviews of other websites so that bias in their reviews are eliminated.

Moreover, a lot of lawyers are listing their services on these online listing sites to attract clients. It helps clients search for a lawyer with a good reputation as being listed may add to a law firm’s credibility. When using a listing, it is recommended to check the premium listing as paid listings emphasize the types of services that these lawyers provide.

Here are the different online listing sites of attorneys you can check out:
– LegalZoom
– Rocket Lawyer
– LawTrades
– Avvo.com

5. Ask for Referrals

If you have no time to search online and review every lawyers’ website, ask someone who was in a car accident case. They may share their insights on what to look for when finding an attorney, or they may even refer their previous attorney if they are satisfied with the services they received. However, people have different personalities and may have a different view of things. Therefore, make a list of questions you can ask about their previous lawyer.

Here are some things you need to know about their encounter with a lawyer:
Whether the attorney personally worked on their case or a paralegal has done most of the transaction
Whether they are regularly informed about their case’s status
Whether the paid service is worth it and their case was handled for their best interest


There are a lot of ways to find a lawyer especially with the advent of technology. However, you need to be wary as some information available online can be altered. Therefore, it is vital to verify every crucial information so as not to be enticed by wrong descriptions.

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